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Many Chinese love dolls are currently in circulation in Japan. Many of them are unfortunately not distributed by regular manufacturers such as KUMA family sexsimulator DOLL, but the official of m customizable sex doll anufacturers such as WM Dolls, Piper Dolls, etc. through certain major shopping sites, etc. The image is used without permission and is sold inexpensively, but it is also life like dolls full size a fact that there are many inferior products. Some produ love doll reviews cts are made from recycled recycled materials that can harm your health, so be careful with love dolls that are sold at very low prices. We sex robot japan recommend that you always ask for the finished image after purchase and check the photos before shipping. Our shop orders produc japanese anime sex doll ts and inspects them one by one in domestic stock, so you can buy them with c realistic female love dolls onfidence by inspecting the factory and our shop twice. Thank you very much.

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If you add this function, you will not be able to manufacture the heating function. And vice versa. In addition, WM's doll is limited to 140cm or more!