I absolutely don't want you to sex toy material regret it! Satisfaction, peace of lumidolls mind, domestic authorized agent to deliver a nice “partner” to you, that's why all the products you will deliver [in Japan] will b real doll xxx e shipped after inspection, so we will deliver the quality that you are satisfied with. We guarantee it. T love doll palace he listed price includes tax and shipping costs. You can stop the doll for adults for sale business office and specify the delivery date and time.

Homecoming & pick up service

No matter where you buy or manufacturer, we will pick up the doll you no longer need.
You can choose a disposal method from two pat deepthroat toys terns: “Free pick up service” and “paid pickup sexy dall service”.

① Regarding “Free Pick Up Service”, you no longe life size doll for men r need LOVE if you purchased it in our shop Up to 1 doll, we will what is tpe material pick up for free if you only pay the shipping cost. Please use the free pick-up service within 3 sex with rubber dolls months after the new purchase.

② Customers who purchase “paid pi best real life dolls ckup service” at other stores are unasked by the manufacturer It is also possible to pick up at 15,00 tpe sex doll 0 yen (shipping costs a sex simulator phone re borne by the customer).

Flow of take-off service

1. Please contact us at をご利用のお客様は直接当店のサービスセンターtahenureru@yahoo.co.jp for free take-off service.

*We will tell you the destination of the disposal doll when you contact us separa japanese real life dolls tely. The shipping destination is in Japan.
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Save time by shipping the doll to match when the ne anatomical sex doll w doll is delivered. Please follow the flow below for the procedure.
① The customer must write a voucher in advance and put it on the luggage (pre-packed disposal doll).
② When shipping from anime blow up dolls our company, please indicate on the slip that you will call the customer before delivery.
③ Sagawa Express calls the customer before delivery. Tell the Sagawa Express delivery staff that there is a delivery item.
④ Sagawa Express will come to delivery. Settlement.
⑤ Refused product recovery Deli full body silicone kit veries are also completed.

2. Customers who use “paid pickup service” can search for “1451616" in the sea doll sex toys rch field of our website and select “Love Doll Collection Only” Please purchase We will contact you by email within 1 business day. We w young love dolls ill inform you where to send the love doll.

3. Packing the love doll The cardboard celebrity sex doll needs to be prepared by yourself any of the above services It's a If you are new to purc mature real doll hase a love doll, it's convenient to use the shipping cardboard as it is.

4. Put the doll you don't need in the cardboard and send it to our designated shipping address ( The shipping fee will be borne by the customer.) real dolls robots In addition, if your luggage is heavy, the Sagawa Express pick-up service is convenient. Search the nearest sales office → request a pick up, so you c sex emulator online an come to your designated place to pick up your luggage, so it is convenient. If you bring it to the sales office, you will receive a 100 yen discount, so it is recomm sex emulator log in ended to use it.

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