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AXBDOLL (Made by TPE) (238)


AXB Doll is also a manufacturer in Zhongsha sex sim n City, which can be called the Mecca of the Chinese Love Doll brand. It is a young brand starting in 2017, and it seems that there is a particular focus on the childhood h pvc sex toy ead. There are many designs that are relatively small bust whether you are pursuing real bo dolls korea dies that suit young girls and women with children's faces. Of course, there are big bu sexsimulatorfree st dolls, but they don't seem to be extreme online sex simulator ly animative, for now... There is also a quirky three-hole or go-hole doll, but it can be said to be human like sex dolls the center of “beautiful girl”.

Official site→ https://www.axbdolls.com/about-us-ezp-5.html?chapter=4

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