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Silicone Doll (718)

Silicon (silicone) is a generic term for synthetic polymeric compounds that have a principal skeleton robot sex toys by siloxane bonds. Although it was used for love dolls quite well, it is a material with excellent durability, heat resistance, and cold resistance. Degradation is also moderate. Sturdy, scratch-resistant, stain resis posable sex dolls tant and easy to remove, so it is recommended for those who want to stay with the same love doll for a long ebony blow up doll time.

In the past, there were many models with narrow poses because they were hard to touch, distinctive odor, and narrow range of motion, but the development efforts of each brand have also eliminated real asian sex these difficulties It's a Silicon dolls of the present age are represented quite realistically dependi ai sex robot ng on the material formulation and painting method of each manufacturer.

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