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SilikoDoll (Silicone) (22)


Different from silicone dolls so far, even the next gen silicone doll makers eration doll for adult, which is different from TPE doll popular doll brand, but sec dolls for some reason the waist was too thin and lacked realism Siliko Doll realistically reproduces even the thickness of the tummy and even forgets about do buy life size doll lls. TPE is weak to degradation and always smells due to the manufacturing process, but silicone cheap silicone sex dolls is at room temperature No smell because it can be manufactured indoors Also made of silicone so far has been absolutely glossy, Siliko Doll has lost the luster of silicone with its own special ma realdoll pics nufacturing method In addition, we have achieved an incomparable softness than flat sex ever before.