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Art-Doll (Silicone) (30)

Art-Doll is a new silicone love do real life sex doll ll brand that was newly established in recent y used real doll ears. Adopting a proprietary soft silicone as a material, it successfu female torso sex doll lly reduces the weight of about 10 kg compared to other brands of dolls of the same height range, but is comparable to TPE material It achieves softness. In addition, it perfectly adult dolls for sale reproduces the skin through harmony ai robot vessels, skin patterns unique to the human body's latex sex dolls skin, and wrinkles on the palms. The skeleton also uses the skeleton of t realdolls videos he latest model developed independently, realizing the same range of motion as a human being. The hand also has a built-in metal skeleton, which is made up to the first, second and third joints.

※ This brand doll has a new skeleton and self-standing function as standard.