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My Loli Waifu (TPE+Silicon) (99)

My Loli Waifu is located in Zhongshan City, where Chinese doll makers are forested. The lolita dolls from this manufacturer focus on the c doll body ombination of exquisite silicone heads by wax artisans with a new skeleton TPE body that gives a soft impression. The image of “ideal doll tits girl” that makes you feel both love and fantastic beauty... From toddlers to adolescent girls, th do real dolls feel real e elaborate silicone head and realistic body shap what is tpe material ing that depicts the most adorable figure will satisfy not only Lolita fans but also many gay real doll doll fans. When the factory did not establish a brand overseas before, each agent sold it as OEM products. From July 2021, we will expand sales under the brand My Loli Waifu (abbreviated from Dora is MLW).