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JiushengDoll (TPE+Silicone) (28)

Jiusheng doll is a manufacturer in Zhongshan City, the cen best love doll ter of China Love Doll. We have provided head and body designs to se japanese love doll hotel veral manufacturers until now, but we have shifted to a system that manufactures and sells everything in people who have relationships with dolls -house.

Founder Oscar-Jin graduated from China's leading beauty univers plastic sex dolls ity, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and Sculpture, and entered the wax industry. It seems that he was mainly involved in the wax making of politicians and se dolls celebrities. One day in 2014, a wax customer ordered “I want you to shape the image of a deceased wife”, and the talk to Love Doll changed his consciousness. Love dolls like so far can't fully satisfy the heart of this customer. Finally, jiusheng doll was founded. “Realistic head, adorable makeup tpe vs silicone , soft skin, and flexible skeleton. This has been the ma sex dolls nufacturer's goal since “to provide people wi real life looking robots th truly lifelike dolls.”