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Cosdoll (TPE+Silicone) (15)


Cosdoll is based on “high cospa, high quality mini real dolls body”, and by breakthrough in terms of technology, While realizing adv german love dolls anced incorporation, we have succeeded in improving production efficiency and achieving incredible realism at a low price.

Currently, there is no official tiny lovedoll Cosdoll website in Japan. Some sites are self-promoting like official sites, b sex love doll ut they actually seem different.

In addition, official i action figure sex mages have been diverted on several sales sites and auction sites, The price, quality, and quality are shown separately in the same image and are traded.

Therefore, the actual item you receive may be a copy. Meanwhile, we are sure to do a deal with “Honke” Cosdoll and will definitely deliver products of the same quality as pro realistic silicone sex dolls motional photos.

This manufacturer not only produces normal function love dolls, but also Ai voice function and electric oral functions one after another We are striving t the sex dolls o develop products that are mounted on dolls and meet diverse customer needs.