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Full doll for adult RZR Doll 160cm E-Cup latest work Koyushi-chan

Full doll for adult RZR Doll 160c silicone male doll m E-Cup Newest Movie Koyushi-chan Item No: 2162546

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520,600 yen
548,000 JPY Discount 27,400 JPY (5% Off)
Flesh color options
1. Pink 2. Natural
Head softness option
1. Hard silicone head 2. Soft silicone head
Head option
The same head as shown #5 #7 #7瞑り目 #萝拉 #理惠 Ailinna serenity Natsuyori Kai (Lisa) small 14 eupeNing (WAnying) #7口開閉機能有り(オーラル可能)( +6,000 yen) Naixue Andi #18東方溪雨 Head hope other than choice
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9
eyeball color
Braun gray red blue purple
areola color
dark brown light brown Pink
Integral Detachable
Self-reliance option
Has bolt exposure and self-reliance No bolt exposure self-reliance hard feet
Pubic hair options
normal Has pubic hair
Vagina depth
10cm 13cm 15cm 18 cm
Soft finish options
No hope tummy +soft finish inside thigh - Weight+3 realdoll eu kg Place buttight+tummy and inner thigh with soft finish - weight +5kg
Customized requirements

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  • *It can be delivered around 40 days after the order is settled.
  • Video ① “https://drive.google.com/file/d/12i2fIytPSkRdM_JdDAy5Fwmudw86Lby5/view?usp=sharing”
  • Video ② “https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FKkZis0zqW77cX9IOnVWY9aVxsh66oQB/view?usp=sharing”
  • Skin texture: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1 big breast dolls k3HdJXdqp7ulbBBYbwGDqWWJxkQc9XQT/view?usp=sharing
  • *If the payment amount exceeds 500,000 yen due to the limit of the credit card payment compa bbw sex doll ny, the credit card payment may be divided into multiple times. Details will be announced again from our shop after sex dolls uk your order is confirmed.
  • *The configuration of the options in the image is as follows.
  • Head Options: Small 14
  • Eyeball color: red
  • Areola Color: Dark Brown
  • Hole Type: Integral
  • Pubic option: normal
  • *The “Styrofoam Key Case” shown in the image is not included. It will be delivered in ordinary cardboard.
  • ※If you have a soft finish on the buttocks, belly, and inner thighs, your weight will increase by 3-5 kg.
Product name Full doll for adult RZR Doll 160cm E-Cup Newest Movie Koyushi-chan
Item number 2162546
WEIGHT 28 kg = 61.7294 lb = 987.6709 oz
Category Manufacturer > RZRDOLL Android (Sili pleasure doll cone) > 160cm E-Cup 28kg (Newest work)
tag rzrdoll , GYNOID , Android
brand RZR Doll (Android)
CREATE TIME 2021-03-20

Product specs & sizes

160 cm
shoulder width 37 cm
body weight Approximately 28 kg, with a soft finish, the w sex toy doll eight will increase by 3-5 kg.
Top bust
83 cm
63 cm
waist 57 cm
86.5 cm
arm length
foot size
21 cm
Vagina depth
15 cm
Anal depth
Mouth depth
Cardboard 165 x 45 x 35 cm

Option-Optional content

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Product videos

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