I absolutely don't want you to regret it! Satisfaction, peace of mind, domestic authorized agen hentai dolls t to deliver a nice “partner” to you, that's why all the products you will real love doll yasuragi deliver [in Japan] will be shipped after inspection, so we will deliver the quality that you are satisfied with. We guarantee it. The listed price includes tax robot companion and shipping costs. You can sez doll stop the business office and specify the delivery date and time.

How to order

On this page, we will explain the flow to order. “Full doll for adult Sanhui D sexual robot japan oll 158cm #23」を例に、基本的 worlds best sex doll なご注文方法を解説します。

1) Member registration

  • To place an order “Register as a Member ” is required. If you are already a member, you can log in first and sta sex dolls free rt your order.
  • Once you have registered, an email with the subject line “Membership Registration” w sex doll online ill be automatically sent to the email address you are using. If you do not receive an automatic email, please make sure you entered your email address correc artificial intelligence dolls tly.
  • Due to the spam settings on the customer side, we often do not receive emai all love dolls ls from our shop, especially the address for the company of mobile phones (docomo.ne.jp, au.com, ezweb.ne.jp, etc.), so please set it so that boobs for sale it arrives.

※ When you become a member, you will incur any annual membership fees etc. no

Click “Home” in the upper left corner | Top Page

  • Click “Home” to move to the top page. Enter “Full doll for adult Sanhui Doll 158cm #23” in the search field, click the search button, and then click the search button for the p doll for adult japan roduct comes out.

3. Choose an option | Add to cart

  • All options listed on the right side of the product page are required It will be. For example, the softness of the buttocks. fantasy love dolls If you do not need a finish, you need to select “Do not want” on the left Once you have selected everything, click “Add to Cart” to move to the next step. If an option is missing, click “Add to Cart” and the unselected items will be automatically displayed.
  • Our product price is basically determined according to the height of the love doll that corresponds to the product page, that is, based on the height of the head You can customize it to your liking. The head may be available for other options, please contact us for balance with the body.
  • *If you would like something other than the listing option, please fill in the “Customized requirements” Or please contact us by email.

4. Shopping cart | price confirmation

  • You can check “Promotional Discount” on this screen. The discount rate of the details is according to ou love doll episode 1 r campaign content.
  • Click “Go to Order” to move to the next step.

5. Address | Shipping method | Enter payment method

  • 1. Please fill in the [delivery address] as a mistake. Designation of delivery date and time is also supported, so please fill in your mobile phone number as much as possible. curvy sex You can change your address by clicking on the “Brush” mark in the upper right corner of the “S real adult dolls hipping Address” field.
  • 2. [Shipping method] can be selected doll breast from Sagawa Express and Tonami Transport in Japan. In the case of Sagawa Express, you can s sex mannequin for sale pecify the delivery date and time cheap male blow up doll zone (holidays, Saturdays, Sundays, real life love doll etc.). Basically, the weight of the cargo can be handled within 50 kg. latex sex toys Tonami transportation is accepted even if the weight of the cargo is over 50 kg. However, the delivery date and time are limited and will not be delivered on holiday love doll cheap s and Sundays. No matter which shipping method you cho get real dolls ose, we will bear the shipping cost.
  • 3. For payment methods, bank transfer and credit payment are supported. For detai girls sex dolls ls, please refer to “Payment Information”.

6. Order Confirmation | Payment

  • 1. If you select [Credit Payment in Japan], click “Confir adult sex simulator m” and you will receive an email with the subject line “Confirm your order” automatically. The screen will move to the credit payme sexy man doll nt screen as shown on the left. After payment is completed, you will receive an automatic email with “Notice of credit payment completion”. This co best real life dolls mpletes the order process.
  • *The billing name of the usage statement will be “Chokom - SHI057 realistic tits 0000696”. There is no word love doll at all.
  • Once you close the payment screen, you can go back to the homepage and check your order history by entering “Login” or “My Accoun my real doll t” in the upper right corner of the page . You can repay by clicking “Payment” on the order in your order history.
  • 2. If you select [Bank Transfer], click “Confirm” and you will receive an email with the subject line “Confirm your order” automatically. After you deposit to our receiving account displayed on the screen, please inform us of the c tpr material price ompletion of your payment to “tahenureru@yahoo.co.jp”, our shop will We will confirm your payment immediately and report it. We process deposits on the site. At full size adult doll this time, you will receive an automatic email of “Payment completed”. This co sax doll price mpletes the order process.
  • *Bank account information is also inclu human size dolls ded in the automatic email titled “Order Confirmation” So if you rela doll close the screen when you place an order, you can check it from the automatic email.

7) Flow from completion o plastic sexy doll f order procedure to pick up

【Ordering】For customized products, we will order dolls according to your desired customization contents.

【Production】We will make it at the factory. In the case of TPE dolls, it can be completed in approximately 3-5 days. Sil erotic torso icone dolls are manufactured longer than TPE dolls. Sanhuidoll · Xycolo is roughly 10 days, fantasy sex dolldoll・・ RZRDOLL is roughly 25 days. Production period may be increased depending on the factory order status. Please contact us if you are in a hurry.

【Finished image】Once the doll is ready, we will send the finished image to your registered email address, ple tpe doll cleaning ase confirm We will arrange s mature real doll hipping from our factory. In order to ensure delivery as soon as possible, if you can't get a confirmation reply even after 24 hours, we will arrange real size doll shipment from the factory with the f japanese sex robot inished image.

【International Mail】Your order will be ordered from a factory in China by international shipping (Fedex) in Japan (our warehouse). We have approximately 3 to 5 days of time. It may be delayed somewhat due to weather, customs clearance, etc.

【Domestic inspection】In order to inspect it in our warehouse, we will open your order. Mainly check whether it matches the contents of the order and whether there are scratches anime dolls shop in the middle of ship sinthetics male doll for sale ping.

【Specify delivery date/time & domestic shipping】When the inspection work is finished, we will ask you the desired delivery date an flat chested teen sex d time by email. At that time, you can specify the d realistic doll for adults elivery date and time zone. We will ship domestic at the specified date and time. We will give you the tracking number after shipping (automatic email). I do not understand the robot sex contents, the item name will be “fur hot simulator sex niture”. The sender is the personal name of the person in charge.

【Pick up】According to the above flow, the total will be 2-3 weeks until you pick you up. In the case of silicone dolls, you may need more time. Please contact us specifically.

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