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Questions from customers

Any questions are available 24 hours a day, so please feel free to contact us.

E-Mail: tahenureru@yahoo.co.jp

Tel: +81 70 3843 1878

questionsCan I wear clothes or accessories to my love doll?

answer【Please strictly observe the following things and wear it】

・Please do not use dark fabrics or items that do not have a washing indication as they will transfer color to the material.

・Check the washing instructions to see if the color does not fade by washing with sexual robotics water.

・Apply clothes fabric (acces real doll material sories) on an inconspicuous part of the product for several hours to check the color transfer.

・Wear white underwear, stockings, etc. under the clothes so that the fabric does n full body sex toys ot touch the product directly.

questionsIs it ok to clean the love doll (shower, bath)?

answerOur love doll material is made of durable material so you can clean it with warm water, water, or soap.

※In the case of a love doll, the neck and head cannot be put in hot water. Hot water may enter fr small love dolls om the gap and affect the material inside the skeleton.

In the unlikely event that hot water enters, please dry it naturally away from d realdoll alternatives irect sunlight.

questionsCan I remove the color transfer on my love doll?

answerMost of the color transfer can be completely erased.

You can remove it with a decolorizing agent dedicated to TPE tpe doll review , but we can't promise that color can be removed without a trace depending on the dye source and the elapsed time. Please understand

questionsHow do I maintain my love doll hair (wig)?

answerPlease put it in a special bag after human sex doll using a brush etc.

questionsWould you like to make up your love doll yourself?

answerMakeup is possible using com ai doll hentai mercially available cosmetics for women.

questionsI would like to know how to store love dolls.

answerAvoid direct sunlight and humid places with both love dolls.

How to store your love doll can be placed on a bed with soft cushions, or women sex dolls store the doll in a special cardboard when the item arrives (posture)

We recommend wrapping your futon to store it. As a precaution, avoid storing the doll in a bent state for little real doll a long period of time as it may cause wrinkles.

questionsCan you do nail polish and nail polish?

answerReal claws are included when you purchase a love doll.

It is also possible to attach commercially available false nails. Com sex dolls for women mercially available adhesives are also available for installation.

questionsDo the eyes and mouth of the love doll move? Do you hear a voice?

answerThe eyes are movable. In addition, the mouth is also a type that can be used, so it is realistic (some products are not allowed).

Also, the voice is not only for Wmdoll and fantasy sex dolldoll audio processing, but please ask the service center for more information.

questionsWhat is the local love doll look like?

answerThe original technology of the manufacturer makes the parts very realistic, so you can put holes in the real parts so you real doll world can play while maintaining realism It's possi real doll 2.0 ble.

In addition, it is made of elastomer material, so you can enjoy the softness and softness that is close to humans. The interior is also finished ebony sex dolls with a fine realism and you can enjoy it.

In addition, after use, you can wash it with hot water or water to keep it clean, and you can use detergents.

questionsIs it ok to have a love doll stand up?

answerThe doll can only be “self-standing”, first put the doll on the bed or desk and the limbs are straig plastic sex dolls ht In the pose of “rest”,

Lift the doll up and adjust the balance little by little to make the doll stand. It may be quite difficult at fir chubby bbw sex st, but if you get the trick, it's easy

will be able to “Be careful because there is no used real doll accident”.

questionsMy love doll has been damaged so can you repair it?

answerIt can be repaired with TPE glue, there is no guarantee that it will be cleaned, there are no noticeable scratches left.

questionsI want your company to repair the wound of the love doll japanese doll real . Is it possible?

answerRepair services are not available at this time. Please repair yourself with dedicated repair materials.

questionsIs it possible to pay in sex drive simulator free installments because the item is expensive?

answerCustomers who wish to pay by credit card in installments can be paid in instal robot sex art lments by contacting their credit card company and changing to “ribo payment”

will be. Please contact y custom sex doll our credit card company for details.

questionsI would like to receive it at the Sagawa Express sales office?

answerYou can pick up your products at the Sagawa Express Office near you.
Please let us know your local Sagawa Express a female sex dolls ddress and office name after you place your order.

questionsHow will the product be packed and delivered?

answerYou will receive your duvet and cushioning in a reinforced card real life size dolls for men board box. Your privacy is strictly

In order to protect it, it will be shipped with a secret that you do not know the contents

questionsWhat is the name of the sender and the item on the invoice?

It will be shipped by personal gay blow up doll name, company name will not be listed. In addition, if the product name life size sec doll is not specified by the customer, it will be “furniture”.

questionsUse of images and texts on this site

answerImages and texts on this site are unique to our company, so use and diversion without per inflatable doll sex toy mission is strictly prohibited.

questionsIs the material of all products safe for the human body?

answerAll of the products we sell are made of imported materials, so they are o silicone full body dolls f the highest quality.

CE application authorization certificat doll romance e and ROHS application authorization certificate provide no poison or harm to human body, so you can use it with confidence.

questionsCan I cancel after placing an order?

Because it will be made to order, you can cancel it before the transfer, but you can not cancel it after the tran female sex doll sfer is completed.

questionsI would like to return it, can I do it?

answerWe will respond to a new replacement only if you contact us within 7 days due to product defects (cl sexs dolls early known scratches, dirt, skeletal damage).
In addition, since it will be manufactured after receiving an order from the customer, we cannot acce online free sex simulator pt returns, exchanges, and refunds for customer realistic doll for adults convenience and used ones.

However, in order to meet your request as much as possible, we will respond anus doll while asking your usage situation. Please contact support first.