I absolutely don't want you to regret it! Satisfaction, peace of mind, domestic authorized agent to deliver a nice “partner” to you, that' beautiful female robots for sale s why all the products you will deliver [in Japan] will be shipped after inspection, so we will deliver the quality that love torso you are satisfied with. We guarantee it. The listed price include silicone full body dolls s tax and shipping costs. It is possible to stop the business office and specify the delivery date and time.


I would like to thank you very much and thank you very much.
Well, we have opened “Hakoniwa” in response to the customer's request “I want to see love doll once, I want to touch it”!
We mainly offer advice on the sale of sexy doll picture wigs, clothes, and love dolls.

At present, 19 dolls are on display, and we plan to increase them from time to time. We are willing to devote every day to meet y sex doll catalog our expectations,

Thank you very much for your patronage.

【About use】

Taking into account the health and safety of our customers and employees, we will make your visit a complete reservation syst ooh japan love doll em.

【Name】【Hakoniwa Hakoniwa】
【Location】2-14-1 Maeharanishi, Funabashi-shi, Chiba 274-0825 DIA PALACE Tsudanuma Room 210

Phone number】080-705 ssbbw sex doll 7-9910 (Person in charge: Ueda)

【Reception Hours】Weekdays AM 11:00 - PM 17:30 (closed at 18:00 PM)
【Closed】Every Thursday (Thursday) is a national holiday, the dolls for adults next Friday will be closed.)
* For GW and New Year holidays again on the site I will guide you.
【Access】1-minute walk from JR Tsudanuma Station

If you come by car: This coin parking is cheap and close. 2-11-13 Maebaranishi, Funabashi-shi, Chiba

※We may ask you to change the bus robot sex story iness hours and admission method afte real silicone dolls r considering the effects associated with the spread of the new pneumonia infection.

Please check with the person in charge beforehand.

※We do not pick you up by car, we will pick you up on foot.

【Hakoniwa landscape】

【Showroom exhibition contents-Enrolled doll li 3d sex simulator free st】- We will update it from time to time.

① RZRDOLL (Android) -160cm E cup (latest work) +eup abyss sex dolls hemian (waning) head, Yui head, 162cm B cup+Alina head

② Topfantasy sex doll-159cm-T1-RRS with makeup

Topfantasy sex doll-150cm-T10-RRS with makeup

fantasy sex dolldoll-162cm- #30凛音

⑤ Art-doll-155cm-B cup A6 Kana

⑥ fantasy sex dolldoll-160cm - Male Doll South Stone

⑦ Full Silicone Sanhui Doll 145cm C Cup Yuki Seamless

⑧ TPE Love Doll MOZU 145cm M1 Head

⑨ ART GIKEN (ART-DOLL) 155cm I Cup Busty A1 Head

⑩ Sanhuidoll (TPE doll) 156cm D cup T7 head+T5 head

⑪ WAXDOLL 142cm Small Tits #G50ヘッド

⑫⑬⑭⑮ sex beauty irokebijin-90cm, 95cm, 110cm

⑯ FUDOLL 148cm D Cup #8頭部 with Body Real Makeup

⑰ Dollhouse168's sex be fat sex doll auty 90 cm D cup Abby flocked version+Akane Akane Head Wig Version

⑱ GD fantasy sex doll 156cm C Cup G6 Head Luo Yu (luo you) +G1 Raku Purple

⑲ Anime Doll (Aotume) 1 having sex with doll 45cm D Cup Customized Face - Rem (Character)

【How to make a reservation for a visit】

Make a reservation by p human sex toys hone or email

Showroom hours (Thursday, national holidays, summer vacations, New Year's holidays, G real doll puppen olden Week, after 17:30 Please choose your preferred time from (except) and make a reservation by phone or email.
※Customers who are inconvenient within the above hours can be consulted. We may be able to respond to other dates and times other than silicone adult dolls for sale the above
※Please note that in order to ensure that customers can visit with confidence, if reservations overlap, they will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
※The tour is basicall sexy girl doll y asked for one person to visit the company.

Please tell us the contact information you can get in touch on the day
Please make sure to provide a mobile phone number to meet you at the time of booking. We do not pick you up by car, we will pick yo realistic dolls for sale u up on foot.
※Only some samples are placed in the showroom, so we may not be able to meet all yo posable sex doll ur requests. Please check the above exhibition contents in advance. If you would like to see products other than the contents of the exhibition, please do not hesitate to tell us at the time of booking, we will prepare you as much as possible.

Change of reservation date/time
Please contact us by 17:00 on the previous day if you have any changes to your showroom reservation sch milf love dolls edule or time.
Please contact us as soon as possible, as we may not be able to meet your request if you have a reserv realistic male sex dolls ation for other guests.

【How to book an online tour】

“I'm afraid to go to the store due to the im sexy doll makers pact of the new coronavirus...”

“I'm interested in love doll but the store is far away...”
“I want to go to the tour but the time does not fit...”
“I'm sorry to get out of the house in the first place...”
“Feel free to ask questions about love dolls”

In response to the above circumstances, we have opened a LINE account dedicated to the showroom. Please register as a friend using the QR code below.


【Reservation flow】

1: Please register a LINE account female love dolls dedicated to the shawl room as a frie dol sexy nd.

2: Please contact us with a message stating that you would like to visit online at LINE and the date and time of your choice.

3: If you decide the date and time of your visit, we will contact you at LINE from our shop repre lifelike silicone sex dolls sentative as a guide about 5 to 10 minutes before the tour time.

4: As soon as the customer is ready, we will connect the video call from the person in charge, so please respond. A representative will guide you while showing the doll on love doll reviews display in the showroom.

5: The time of the video call will be about 20 minutes with no permission. Pleas petite sex doll e feel free to make a reservation.