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RZRDOLL Android (Silicone) (50)

RZR/Android Technology/GYNOID may be said to be present, which disrupted the common sens love real dolls e of the latest love doll industry. If you are a love doll fan anymore, you can't pretend to know the new value that this brand started with “realist small tiny sex ic skin painting, elaborate movable skeleton make your own sex doll , realistic modeling over details and low pr free sex doll ice to proportion” Is robot sex doll roxxxy n't it? Each brand of TPE love doll began to develop real heads and as amusement goods because of the nature of materials different from medi full size doll for adults cal silicone, realistic modeling is no longer able to catch up It realistic tits may have also become an opportunity to run into a maniac figure. That said, each manufacturer using medical silicone as a material has already begun perfect sex doll to develop valuable dolls that are different from this brand.

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② Comparative images of each height

※ All products listed are the same if they are of the same name, only costumes, wigs, and shooting atmosphere tpe material latex are different. For example, Item No.: 1947390, 1784914, 17794 make your own love doll 94, 1486555 (Full doll for adult RZR Dol male adult dolls l 148cm No.9 Ailinna) will be

NEW OPTION: ① Hard feet are specially ds doll japan processed using strong silicone only on the heel area to increase the self-reliance strength of the sole. ② Soft body is a specification that sets the entire body real dolls softer than standard.