I don't want you to regret it! Satisfaction, peace of mind, domestic authorized agent to deliver a nice “partner” to you, that's why all the products you will deliver [in Japan] will be cleaning tpe doll shipped after inspection, so we will deliver the quality that life size toy doll you are satisfied with. We g love dolls torso uarantee it. The listed price includes tax and shipping costs. You can stop the business office and specify the life-size adult dolls delivery date and time.

Sanhui Doll (Silicone) (160)


SANHUI Model Making Co., LTD is a love doll brand founded in 2010. All dolls are made of high quality medical grade platinum silicone imported from J having sex simulator apan, and the skeleton can achieve a wide range life like pleasure dolls of movements that mimic the human body structure. SANHUI doll silicone is stain and dust resistant and easy to clean. In addition, the high degree of freedom of modeling uni small love dolls que to silicon realizes the detailed representation of the human body in a super realistic massive breast manner.

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