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Top-fantasy sex doll (Silicone) (69)

Top-fantasy sex doll will be an evolved pr sex doll 3 oduct series from fantasy sex dolldoll. Modeling, makeup, skin texture, model face, etc. have increased reali computer simulated sex sm than ever fantasy sex dolldoll Love Doll. The top series is divided by RS make big booty love dolls up and RRS makeup. RS Makeup: Full body (including face) with simulated skin and vascular makeup. [RRS Makeup]: Real makeup that is further emphasized japanese sex doll based on RS makeup, has r realdoll body 2 eal coloring of part dolls mixed race s.

The standard equipment of the Top Series Love Doll is as follows.
① .Soft finish for chest, tummy, thighs and buttocks.
② .Shrug Joint Feature (a new skeleton type that can hold the shoulder)
③ .Soft Vagina, Soft Anal (It is processed to soften inside Anal and Vagina)
④. Detachable tongue, joint cheap dolls for sale on hand (not wire), fingertip anti-puncture process
⑤. Doll hanging hardware and Vagina washing machine & dryer set

⑥ .Movable Mechanical Eyes - Eye Movable Eyeball

Option-Optional content

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2022, Updated items

Topfantasy sex doll paint verification and technology update https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpYa8z73gkw

Add Topfantasy sex doll's thumbs and metatarsal joints https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IGw1FN9vHjZVBvhpiIIGFuIdHE1cAmA6/view?usp=sharing

Update the entrance softness of soft Vagina https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VNEC6DOgGomFWGb4N3PrPIA4vpMYLK3k/view?usp=sharing

④ Self-supporting processing update without bolt exposure https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MjM2Ucsx2FwYLZgXIyRvJ8dTp5-ly7Ey/view?usp=sharing